Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Titus 2:11

Titus 2:11
For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men.

I have to apologize for my lack of blogging!  My husband recently lost his job and we were devastated, but out of the devastation, we are seeing the light.  I have not been reflecting any less on the scripture, I have had to cling to my faith even more in these last couple of weeks, but I have had less access to the computer.  My husband is working around the clock now to find his next place of employment and that means less opportunity for me to write a daily blog.  So please forgive my lapse and I would love if others were able to post their own reflections on the faith in my community Calling all Catholics!

Ok, moving on to the scripture now. 

When I had my miscarriages 7 years ago, I didn't understand that God was working in my life to bring me closer to Him.  I thought it was quite the opposite.  Why would a god have bad things happen to me if he wanted me to believe?  But now I understand that God is always preparing us for the journey.  He speaks to us and continues to speak to us until we slow down and quiet down long enough to hear him.  It is allowing His grace into our lives that leads us to eternal salvation.  It is hard to look back and say that I would be the same person had I not lost three precious babies, but the truth is, I wouldn't be.  I value life now more than I ever could have before.  I understand how fleeting life can be and it made me realize that I was missing my vocation in life.

I love where I am now.  I would never wish to go back to my previous job and I feel like I was put here to do exactly what I am doing right now.  My path may change in the future and I am open to that because my past has taught me to be open to His plan.  My husband has worked and dedicated himself to providing for our family.  He has always looked and been open to the next and/or best opportunity.  He is not scared to make a change and is open to what God has planned for him.

My husband woke up everyday and was truly unhappy going to his office.  He loved his job but was brought down by the energy of the people around him.  My husband is a person who thrives on relationships and to not have positive ones at work was truly disheartening for him.  He kept feeling like he needed to make a change but was worried about finding the right job and being distracted by looking for the next job rather than making his current one work.  Well, God whispered many times to him but he wasn't listening and now, jobless, my husband is happier.  Oddly, he feels that he is exactly where he is supposed to be and he is free to look for the next opportunity without feeling guilty about it.

I can see God's work in our lives and in the lives around us.  I just don't understand why more people aren't open to His grace in their lives.  We all have the same goal, to get to heaven, and God wants us to get to heaven.  He wants to spend eternity with us and he will continue to try and reach us in any way He can.  I implore you, my brothers and sisters, to hear God's voice.  Close your eyes, lay back, and just be silent.  Can you hear Him?  Can you feel His presence wash over you?  Now ask of Him what it is you feel you are in need of or thank Him for the blessings you have already received.  Allow Him to lift you out of your burdens.  Allow Him to help you bask in your joy.  He is working in our lives, all day, everyday.

After my husband lost his job I asked an older friend of mine to come over.  She told me that when she went through the same experience she curled up on the couch and prayed for Mary to wrap her cloak around her and protect her.  Upon hearing this I began to cry.  I had not told anyone, not even my husband, but I had asked Mary to do the same for me.  I literally sat bawling on my couch and asked Mary to please wrap me up like she would have done for her son Jesus when He was a little boy, and to protect me.  I told this to my friend and she smiled ever so slightly and said, "See, we are all connected."  Wow.  I will never forget that experience.  So even as painful and scary as the last couple weeks have been, it has only renewed my faith and strengthened my belief in being open to His grace.  I pray that you will be open to His grace in your life as well.

Thanks for reading!

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