Thursday, November 21, 2013

Psalms 119:64

Psalms 119:64
The earth is full of Your loving kindness, O Lord; Teach me Your statutes.

One of the wonderful things about mankind is that it seems to me that God created us with a hunger to learn.  From the time we come out of the womb, we begin to learn and grow.  We learn what our mother looks like and are finally able to match that beautiful voice to a face.  Babies learn how to feed themselves within minutes of being born when they are first placed to the breast to nurse.

We continue to learn with each passing day.  Small things at first and then our milestones become larger and grander.  We learn to walk, potty train, have our first day of school.  Can you remember the first time you realized you could read?!  We learn simple things that help us become more independent, like tying shoes and zipping our own coats.  And we learn some major things that give us more freedom than our parents probably care for, like driving. 

We never stop learning.  Once we are married and have children, we have a whole new set of things to learn.  Each phase of life brings new challenges and new skills to be acquired.  Our faith is no different.  And just like everything else in our lives, we have to make an independent attempt to learn.  We have to seek out that which we do not know and we have to have a desire to learn more.  We also have to have the humility to understand that we need our Lord to teach us.  The power does not come from within.  As children we understand that our grown ups are there to teach us and because our thirst for learning is so strong we gravitate towards those people who want to help us.

Somewhere along the way our pride takes over and we begin to feel that if we can't obtain the knowledge ourselves it is not worth obtaining.  We have a strong rejection to being told "what to do".  But God wants to teach us, He wants us to learn His ways.  And we, as His children, should rush to Him to help us learn.  No matter how old my children will be, they will always by my babies.  And no matter how old we grow to be, we will always be His children.  Let Him teach you, start with things that are small and work your way into those major milestones.  And understand that our journey will never be complete until the day He calls us home.

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