Friday, December 13, 2013

Psalms 119:10

Psalms 119:10
With all my heart I have sought You; Do not let me wander from Your commandments.

For those of you who have smart phones, there are so many great apps to help with confession.  It's pretty easy to tell when you have committed a mortal sin but those venial sins can be a little tricky.  These apps (and also the book Catholicism for Dummies) clarify what some venial sins are that we commit on a rather regular basis.  We love our Lord so much but we are human, we all sin, and we all (hopefully) feel remorseful for our sins.  Thankfully we have been given the gift of reconciliation and it is this sacrament that brings us back into good graces with our Father.  If we truly seek Him, reconciliation is the best way to show our desire to keep His commandments.

I think that reconciliation is the hardest sacrament for us to accept.  It is hard to humble ourselves, not just to God but to a priest.  Will he judge us?  And we want to confess our sins but may hold back out of fear of what the priest will think.  I have to admit that reconciliation is something I also struggle with.  It is offered once a week and with four kids, being sick, and trying to get things done on the weekend, it is easy to dismiss going.  But when I finally gather up the courage to go, I can't explain the lightness I feel when I leave.  I know that I am not the only one who feels the same sensation.  It is like someone taking a ton of bricks off of my shoulders and (this may be the pregnancy hormones speaking) when I think of the gift God has just given me by forgiving me, I could truly break down and cry.

We ask God to help us to not wander from His commandments.  We have to put the work in every day, but we also need to come to Him when we have failed.  Go to your Father.  Ask Him for His forgiveness with humility and sincerity.  You will not only be forgiven, you will feel redeemed and more able to follow His commandments.  We may be making the same mistakes over and over despite our best efforts not to, but when we confess this to God, He knows we are trying.  He knows our intentions and He will help us overcome that which keeps us from having a good relationship with Him.

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