Thursday, December 12, 2013

Psalms 143:10

Psalms 143:10
Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

The power of prayer, I truly believe in the power of prayer.  And when we are most lost and most in need of Him, I believe that He will guide us if we open ourselves up to do His will, even if it is not the path we wanted to take.  He will always lead us to prosperity and prosperity presents itself in different ways.  Our egos often get in the way or maybe it is our fear that blinds us at times.  Whatever it is that deters us from carrying out His will, we should pray to overcome it so that we can be closer to Him.

He only wants good things for us.  With the tragedy at Sandyhook coming up, it can sometimes be hard to believe this.  I remember sitting in my hospital room holding a brand new baby, just hours after giving birth to my fourth child and crying uncontrollably.  Maybe it was my hormones but to hear that so many parents had lost their precious children while I was bringing a new one into the world, made little if no sense to me.  I felt such sadness for those families, the burden can feel unbearable.  I can't imagine how those mothers and fathers felt that day.

I have seen many interviews and videos done by the families of those lost that day, and there is always a common theme.  Through the pain, they have realized His presence in their lives more than ever.  I watched a video today by one of the parents of a beautiful little girl, and they said throughout the video that their daughter's death, though it brought immense pain, has guided them to a new mission in life and has taught them the power of God.  The power He has to bring someone through such tragedy and to bring them to a greater cause.  The death of their child is senseless only if they don't use it to help others, raise awareness, or do some greater good.

Out of great suffering comes great good.  We have to believe this otherwise suffering would be senseless, suffering would be for nothing.  There has to be a greater purpose.  He has to be constantly leading us to a greater good, otherwise, what would all this be for?  Each day we are doing our best to do His will, because if we aren't, we are doing things for nothing.  Jesus suffered greatly, but it was for such a greater good, and He knew that His Father would not have Him suffer in such a way if it wasn't for something that was meaningful, and I can't think of anything more meaningful than saving mankind and giving us the gift of eternal life.

I don't know what everyone's situation is today or what it will be tomorrow, but I implore you to pray to God, that He helps you find the meaning in each day and leads you out of whatever suffering may be hindering you.  Believe in the power of prayer and the sureness of His will.

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